Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cheezo's trip to blore!

Long time since i blogged here. I was active on my tech blog though. Anyway, i just installed scribefire so decided to write a small blog. It might eventually turn out to be big. Its been an eventful week. My buddy Chirag had come down from pune to stay with me for a week. He moved to pune a few months back and had payed this visit to bangalore to "beg" his manager to let him continue working from pune.

Day 1
: The "blooper boy" (nick named after his Sar-pass trek) arrived on sunday morning. We went on a drive and we had our lunch at MTR. Wasted rest of the day.

Day 2 : The Day started with us rushing off to the Railway reservation center to book Chirag's return ticket. This was a no work week for me, so i spent time reading and writing blogs, some technical articles. We had dinner at Suswadh and drozed off.

Day 3 : We were in office by 7:30 am. As Chirag guessed my meeting got cancelled and we were in early for nothing. Chirag was brimming with ideas today and wanted to patent it. He discussed with me and Uttaran. I did what i always do, find fault in the idea. Eventually we are agreed that idea was good and patentable. Another incident made the day worthy a mention. Ankita blurted out her intentions of leaving IBM if she is faced with such a "situation". This was a shocker for us, as we never thought she would leave IBM. We always pictured her as one of IBM grannies :-). No other useful work for me this week, so i decided to investigate this further. On careful analysis of various statements she made during the day we came to the conclusion that she would leave IBM when she gets married. I think i need to file a patent for my investigation procedure, co-author Chirag. Although she found our analysis stupid and funny we are not done yet ;-). I will write a seperate blog for her.

Day 4 : Midweek, nothing dramatic happened, just the usual. More discussion on patent. Wait a sec...this stupid guy (Chirag) blabbered some of my secrets to my roommates. Iam going to get him for that someday. I had to go to BEL to investigate on a e1000 driver issue. I was off for the day and Chirag had to go to office on his own. I was surprised that Alphine had convinced Chirag that the former is smart and intelligent. Only we know the real truth. The e1000 issue turned out to be very interesting bug which i will blog on "Linux Hacks". Uttaran had come home with Chirag and we went out for dinner. I was able to resist the "ice cream" temptation even after numerous pleas from these guys to hit the parlor after dinner.

Day 5 : Chirag declared that he would be spending the full day writing the draft for the patent. After few minor hiccups he managed a decent writeup. Chirag decided to visit his cousin's place in the evening and stayed back for the night. Ankita was very upset with lack of proper planning for the Team outing. Finally Suresh was able to pull everthing together.

Day 6: Team outing day!! LTC finally has some fund for team outing. We went to Club Cabana. We were around 80 of us and it was great fun. Played cricket in the morning and went bowling. Some of us decided to hit the bar for some drinks. Initially Ankita decided to join us but opted out due to strong liquor smell in the bar (Health Pub). We had a quick breezer and joined others for lunch .Lazy afternoon was spent playing table tennis and fooseball. Chirag and Ozzy decided to stay out of water. Uttaran, Ego and Me hit the wavepool and relaxed. We decided to go to Purple Haze (Pub) in the evening. Ego ditched us, but cheezo, me and ozzy decided to go ahead with it. Some incidents in the pub reminded us that we are still not in college. More on that later. We were desperate to find people of our wavelenght, so on our way back home we barged into "Moocha" the coffee shop (I think that was name of the shop) . I wouldnt say we found what we were looking for, but we got rid of the headache with nice chillers (treat for the throat and eyes).

Day 7:
We got up late and i started watching Seinfield. Cheezo kept reminding me that i had gone to the gym only once this week. I should have hit the gym after an unhealthy "last-night" bash. Lunch time! We decided to have some biriyani and Chirag headed to the station to catch the train back to pune.

Thats it!! It was an eventful week, hoping to have some more of such weeks.