Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Voted!

Iam ashamed to revel that it took me 8 years to realize that the change i wanted was only possible if i become the part of the change. Its too long a time for such a realization, but atleast i did it now. This time i was determined to cast my vote so i traveled to Hyderabad. I always thought that all politicians were corrupt and uneducated and can never make a good leaders. This was my excuse for all these years for not voting. This time when i really took the effort to understand the candidates and their manifestos it became clear that one need not be highly educated to do good for the people. Education is needed, but more importantly the vision to tackle the problems that lies ahead. Giving away 10kg free rice or a color tv is NOT the solution this nation needs. We need real solutions. If we are to bring up the lower class of people are we in a position to give them jobs. What does one need to do to generate jobs? How are we to clear all the debts we owe to World Bank? I found it rather interesting when various candidates put their ideas. One thing that was missing is the clear in depth goals to achieve all what is promised. I guess i need to realize that the political scene is slowly turning for the better. Iam an optimistic person, but i believe this election will NOT change many of our problems. It will take time for the political scene to change. But iam sure i will see a day when i press that button i know that my country would see a positive change. Until that day i will not lose hope and continue to vote for the candidates i believe in.

Well, I did it!

Just one last thing i liked to share. We (Me & my family) went to the polling booth to find that there was long queue and badly arranged. We had to stand in sun for 1 hour before we got the chance to vote. I hate standing in queues but that does not mean i break queues, i generally avoid such places. This is the first time in my life i stood in the queue and was determined to cast my vote. It may sound silly, but iam really proud of myself. Another wonderful thing i saw in that polling booth was a queue which was mix of rich/poor, castes and religion. Its ironic in a way, because it is this place we all come together and vote for a change that would eventually eradicate the differences between us. I HOPE that day will come soon!